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The great Pioneer Woman had a post on iced coffee yesterday.  I was intrigued.  Living in Texas where it is hot as blazes and loving coffee the way I do….it had to be tried!   I had some leftover coffee from the morning.  I stored the coffee in a jar and put it in the fridge overnight.  This morning…..instead of my usual hot cup-of-life, I filled a tall glass with ice, poured in about 12 oz. of coffee, added a 1/4 cupish of Almond Joy creamer and stirred.  Sipped.  Aahhhhh…..heavenly.  Just heavenly.  I sipped on this throughout the morning and reveled.  It rivaled buying an expensive iced coffee, but cost a fraction-AND I didn’t have to leave my house to get it!

Now, PW discussed making the coffee by cold brew and not brewing hot coffee and cooling it, which is what I did yesterday.  And mine tasted pretty darn good.  But so many comments were made by people that the cold brew made the coffee less bitter and that you actually needed to add less cream and sugar if you started with cold brewed coffee.  (Should that be hyphenated?)

So, tonight, I am experimenting with the cold brew method.  Problem is, it takes 12 hours to properly cold brew, so tomorrow morning, I won’t have super cold coffee to start with and will likely make a warm brew.  After today, that might be torturous!  We shall see if I love it as much with coconut milk and Truvia on Thursday morning!  Here is a pic of my glass this morning.  Mmmmmmm….sure was good.



Do they work?

My sister broke down and bought a pair of Shape-Ups that were on sale.


Shape Ups!

We have both thought about it and wondered….do they really work?

Soooo, she has been wearing them for less than a week.  AND you may ask?  Any difference, yet?

Why YES!  She already has found her lower back and feet hurt less.  Also, when sitting at the computer, she finds herself sitting up straighter.

Weight loss?  Well, we haven’t gotten that far yet.

But we will!


The Dust Less Traveled….

Not really a desk, more like a storage spot

Wow….This desk, like much of my room, just became a place to put stuff because I don’t have a place for everything and all that.

Story of my life.

Okay, but I am changing my story!  Soooo, taking advice from “The Greats” I got dressed and tied my shoes.


Ready to clean!



Then, I set the timer for 30 minutes and started changing my story!  Woo-hoo!

I so wish I had a great camera and could have caught the image of the dust flying through the air.  I pretty much needed a  mask!  Yuck!

But wait!  Here is the good news!

Look what a difference 30 minutes makes!

Progress! I see the desk!


Not completed, but a great beginning!  If I can do it, you can do it.

Ell Ell

Keepin’ it real

Okay, I started this blog with the desire to document my transformation from a creative yet massively unorganized person into a beautiful, creative and organized person.  My mind does not organize anything naturally, but once I get organized I can stay organized.  Well, for a while, anyway.  I am baring my soul here.  I am going to let you see the messiness in my life and witness the change.  I read blogs like the and Hannah and I know they tell me how they have changed and organized their lives.

Now, I want to do that.  Will it really work for someone like me?

Not only do I want to organize my life, I want to get healthy.  These sites also encourage ways to save money, make exercise a habit and get out of debt.  I recently bought a set of Zumba DVD’s to try at home.  I also have a Total Gym and many other exercises gadgets and doo-dads.  Wanna know if something works?  I will try it out!

I also love to cook!  I especially love to bake, but enjoy all types of cooking.   I follow about 15 food blogs (I know, right?)  I am going to try a lot of their recipes and also show you some of my own.  Sounds like fun!

Also, I am a single parent and live in a house with my sister and niece.  I have recently been given a set of CD’s by Kirk Martin called Calm Parenting.  They are fantastic and I will be trying to incorporate his suggestions for parenting, as well.

So I have a lot to journal.  Please don’t judge me for my messiness, I am showing it to you to help motivate myself and to help others out there like me.  I would love your comments and suggestions!