Keepin’ it real

Okay, I started this blog with the desire to document my transformation from a creative yet massively unorganized person into a beautiful, creative and organized person.  My mind does not organize anything naturally, but once I get organized I can stay organized.  Well, for a while, anyway.  I am baring my soul here.  I am going to let you see the messiness in my life and witness the change.  I read blogs like the and Hannah and I know they tell me how they have changed and organized their lives.

Now, I want to do that.  Will it really work for someone like me?

Not only do I want to organize my life, I want to get healthy.  These sites also encourage ways to save money, make exercise a habit and get out of debt.  I recently bought a set of Zumba DVD’s to try at home.  I also have a Total Gym and many other exercises gadgets and doo-dads.  Wanna know if something works?  I will try it out!

I also love to cook!  I especially love to bake, but enjoy all types of cooking.   I follow about 15 food blogs (I know, right?)  I am going to try a lot of their recipes and also show you some of my own.  Sounds like fun!

Also, I am a single parent and live in a house with my sister and niece.  I have recently been given a set of CD’s by Kirk Martin called Calm Parenting.  They are fantastic and I will be trying to incorporate his suggestions for parenting, as well.

So I have a lot to journal.  Please don’t judge me for my messiness, I am showing it to you to help motivate myself and to help others out there like me.  I would love your comments and suggestions!


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