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Changing is difficult

Okay, so I didn’t change over the summer.  Well….not completely.  I did, however, make a lot of progress and set some new habits in motion.  Yea!  I did get my bathroom counter to stay more clear and clean.  That is a big step!  I didn’t keep up with loading the camera pictures because I wasn’t so good at keeping up with the cord that connects said camera to a computer. Now, the new school year has started and I am NOW going to try to keep up with the blog.  So much to document!  I have tried soooo many delicious recipes and have made great strides in the organization department.  Okay, so I guess I am eating the elephant one bite at a time!  Hopefully, I will be blogging 5 days a week from now on.  I might even do more than one a day for awhile to catch up with the happenin’s this past summer!

bathroom drawer organized

See, my stuff, my kid's stuff, tubes at back =)