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Pie Social

Mmmmmm.  My daughter’s school had a Nature Event and Pie Social yesterday.

It was so yummy.  So very, very yummy.  There  were so many delectable pies.  Which just happen to be one of my favorite things in the world.

Did you see he movie Michael?  There is a very short song Andie McDowell’s character sings about pie.

I sing it frequently around the house.

“Pie, Pie, Me oh My. Nothin’ tastes sweet, wet, salty and dry

All at once so well as pie.



Mince and black bottom~I’ll come to your place every day if you got ’em.

Pie! Me oh My…I love pie!”

Yeah, like she sang.

What was funny was that with all the pies that showed up, there wasn’t one fruit pie there!  There were a few pecan pies, several types of pumpkin, chocolate, caramel,  buttermilk, pineapple (cream based) – but no apple.  I think I will have to remedy that soon.

I have never made an apple pie.  True.  I need to find a good one and go for it.  Like soon.

I will post pics of it this week.




The great Pioneer Woman had a post on iced coffee yesterday.  I was intrigued.  Living in Texas where it is hot as blazes and loving coffee the way I do….it had to be tried!   I had some leftover coffee from the morning.  I stored the coffee in a jar and put it in the fridge overnight.  This morning…..instead of my usual hot cup-of-life, I filled a tall glass with ice, poured in about 12 oz. of coffee, added a 1/4 cupish of Almond Joy creamer and stirred.  Sipped.  Aahhhhh…..heavenly.  Just heavenly.  I sipped on this throughout the morning and reveled.  It rivaled buying an expensive iced coffee, but cost a fraction-AND I didn’t have to leave my house to get it!

Now, PW discussed making the coffee by cold brew and not brewing hot coffee and cooling it, which is what I did yesterday.  And mine tasted pretty darn good.  But so many comments were made by people that the cold brew made the coffee less bitter and that you actually needed to add less cream and sugar if you started with cold brewed coffee.  (Should that be hyphenated?)

So, tonight, I am experimenting with the cold brew method.  Problem is, it takes 12 hours to properly cold brew, so tomorrow morning, I won’t have super cold coffee to start with and will likely make a warm brew.  After today, that might be torturous!  We shall see if I love it as much with coconut milk and Truvia on Thursday morning!  Here is a pic of my glass this morning.  Mmmmmmm….sure was good.